1. Love your tags, they have so much detail on them.
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx

  2. I just love everything you´ve shown here on this blog. All is amazing creations and so many wonderful detail everywhere you´re looking. I LOVE it.

  3. LOVE your tags! They're awesome!! :)

  4. Over here from the CHACB #11 - Tag - You're It. Your baby bureau project absolutely knocks my socks off! As I might say to a friend, "You must have been an architect in another life.". The care you take with the proportions of your constructions is worthy of a suspension bridge. I can't imagine how you do it with all of the child rearing and being a surgical nurse. We blog-folk are very lucky that you take the time to share your gifts with us.

    All your tags are positively breathtaking and really show that amazing eye for proportion. Graphic 45 and you were made for one another. I must confess however that I have a favorite tag, and it isn't a G45. Your blue "Art" tag has a special sense of humor or play. It looks like it could jump off my monitor and go skipping away.

  5. WOW, Ooooo, Woah....where do I begin or how do I begin to describe what I'm seeing....? Gorgeous, breathtaking, stunning, amazing all come to mind but do not do them justice. I am not eloquent enough to explain the way your creations make me feel, so I'll just set here for awhile and gawk at your works.I came here from Graphic45 website hoping to find a tutorial on the tags you did but I'm not even seeing them here but I did find these lovelies and am so glad I came here cause your work "ROCKS"!!! Thank you so much for posting & sharing cause you are very inspiring.
    Thank you
    Dianne M.
    San Antonio, Tx USA

  6. Your work is stunning. I can't thank you enough for sharing it. Happy August!


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