Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Creative Return

Just a quick post to let everyone know I will be posting new projects and more of my creations in the new year please come and check them out.

Happy paper crafting until then

Cheers Andrew


  1. Hi Andrew,
    I'm glad you're back! I like your crafts especially well! Unfortunately, your worksshops are so far away from me ....
    Many greetings form Austria

  2. So glad you are coming back Andrew!

  3. So glad you're back. You've been missed.

  4. Hi Andrew. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

  5. Delightful news, Andrew. So happy you plan on returning!

  6. I for one am absolutely THRILLED to hear this news! Best wishes, Andrew.

  7. Can't wait Andrew. Hope you had a great Xmas xx

  8. Welcome back, Andrew! I'd love to see some of your teddy bears that you have made. You are so talented.

  9. Hooray, I am glad you're creating again and look forward to seeing some of your work. Happy New Year.

  10. Welcome back Andrew. So pleased you're back. Looking forward to seeing what you create. Kath - Lancashire

  11. wooohooo!!! Welcome back!!! cannot wait to see ur creative creations again

  12. So THRILLED you are sharing your creative talents with us again. Please ignore those ignorant, selfish people who cannot see beyond the end of their own nose, your work is FANTASTIC. Thanks for coming back Andrew!

  13. just stumbled here via pinterest and your work is AMAZING . i hope you return. you are a lovely person, cute family

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