Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Scrapmatts July

July is almost half way through  but there has been some awesome projects so 
far from the scrapmatts design team
My july post has rolled around so fast and I have done two very different projects.

I have made a card for the first project and it has very vintage style.
I love the colours and the scrapmatts chip board have made great accent points.

The second project is an up cycled tube that I have turned into a storage for my paint brushes.

Did you know that scrapmatts chipboard is so versatile that you can adhere it 
to a curved surface. This makes a great technique for adding texture to a more unusual shape.

Thanks for stopping by 

Cheers Andrew


  1. Beautiful card and love that upcycled tube! Love the colours and the gorgeous chippies and details! ;-)

  2. Always love to stop in and see what your creating. Your attention to detail is always topo notch. Keep up the good work...

  3. Totally missed these ones over on the Scrapmatts Blog, gorgeous Andrew!!!

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