Thursday, 17 March 2016

Some Graphic 45 Storage

When creating it is on our minds sometimes what purpose will any given creation have. Will it be for photos, storage, home decor, design team submission, decorative, teaching project or a gift for a friend or family member.
What ever the reason for the project it is fun reaching the end product and developing the creative process along the way.

The two items featured in this post are both for storage but on different levels.

 Typography Storage Caddy

It has multiple levels of storage and yet combines to become one. this allows fro more space but not a bulky items to have on your craft table or desk.

I love the way the different layers come apart to form individual trays.
I have Graphic 45 metal work in mine. ( Thats no surprise ).

Baby to Bride Letter box

I have quite few personal letters that have always been hidden in my bed side table drawer. I thought they are special to so I thought I should make a special place to hold them.
Baby to bride was the perfect collection this project.

It is a simple construction but it does the job perfectly. I love the soft colours on this project.

When you open this box it is not very wide, it was designed to be narrow as I have it on the mantle in my room. I have quite a few letters in it and the measurements I chose reflect the average 
sized envelope. 

Home made storage can be great as you can make it according to your personal needs and 
therefore it becomes very practical.
Think what you could make a little storage box for and give it a go.

Happy Paper Crafting

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