Friday, 25 March 2016

Scrapmatts Stencils

March is flying by and there have been some fabulous posts over the first part of this 
month from the awesome new design team for Scrapmatts.
This is my first post for 2016 and I have created a trio of projects.
Make sure you click on the photos to them up close. 

If  you are unaware there are some wonderful stencils over in the Scrapmatts online store.
I have used some of them on each of my projects this month.

The first project for this month has a layout style with a mixed media flair.
I found a scrap piece of heavy weight box board so I thought what can I do with it. Then I reached for some of my stencils from Scrapmatts.

The one I used was: 

Here is my creation. I love the photo, two of my sons sharing a special moment.

The chipboard Packs that I used on this piece were fun to use and are as follows :

CB6113 Scrap Words 32
CB1158 Butterflies 20
CB5123 Hexagon Mesh 02
CB5114 String Circles 01
CB5070 Australian Federation Screen Doors 05
CB4063 Leaf Spray 13

I have also included a photo of my back ground before embellishing so you can see 
the stencil effect.

The second project for March is a mini project that was a lot of fun to 
make and are not to time consuming.
ATC's are a great concept and can take a multitude of different forms.
The Scrapmatts store has some great ATC choices, but I used the standard ATC style for my project.

The chipboard packs I used for the time ATC were

ATC28-001 Plain ATC
CB1072 Gears 01
CB1078 Gears 05
CB6101 Assorted Words 20
CB5132 Chains 01

The Stencils used for these ATC backgrounds were :


Here is a photo of some backgrounds with out embellishments to get an idea of the result that can be achieved with Scrapmatts stencils.

The third project in the trio is a Scrapmatts tag. They are base to start your creative process
 and can be incorporated into other projects as well.
I have to say this tag is my favourite of my projects for this month. I love the chipboard packs I used and the colour palette too.

The chipboard packs I used for this tag were some of my favourites and include :

CB3009 Tags 05
CB1232 Film Strips 05
CB6106 Assorted Words 24
CB5106 Chevrons 01

The stencil I used for this tag was a great back ground to give breakthrough 
high lights of texture.

Well this completes my projects for March. I hope I have inspired you to give Scrapmatts Stencils a go on your next project and include you favourite chipboard packs.
Every thing I have used can be found over on the Scrapmatts online store

Thanks for stopping by and please come back to see more wonderful 
creativity using Scrapmatts.

Happy Crafting 


Friday, 18 March 2016

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

I guess the sign below gives away the purpose for this post. I am applying for the Graphic 45 Design Team for 2016. It is with, I must admit some nerves, I am throwing my hat into the ring and giving it my best shot. There have been some wonderful inspiring projects over on the
Graphic 45 Blog
this year. I have been encourage and amazed by the designers creations.
If you have not been aware the collections they have released recently have been amazing as the past collection are a testament to as well. A couple of my favourites are Worlds Fair and Children's Hour which will feature in this post.

According to the requirements this year we were to show case three projects and one tutorial as part of the round one blog post. I have chosen the projects according to one criteria. They are some of my favourites from the last twelve months.

Project one : Typography Memo Book

This Project has seen me venture in to mixed media style backgrounds. I am always trying to extend and grow as a crafter. Mixed media was a great progression and it is very prominent in the crafting world. But my tell tale style incorporating symmetry and detail is still demonstrated. 

Tip #1 : Take your favourite graphic 45 collection and create mixed media background that coordinates giving your favourite collection and project more dimension.

Project two : Children's Hour Coin Bank

Thi project was inspired in two ways : (1) taking the beautiful calendar collection and using in a non calendar project and (2) the seasons.
It is a box construction from chip board and each side represents a season. I used the coin bank idea as a play on a piggy bank and every time of the year is great for saving.
I did fussy cutting for each side one of my favourite paper crafting techniques.

Tip #2 : Try painting your box with a colour taken from the Graphic 45 collection you are using to make the collection automatically coordinate across the project  

The four sides based on each season. My personal favourite is autumn. 
Do you have a favourite season

Project three : Times Nouveau Haberdashery Box

This project is one of my all tim favourites as it has a special twist which was quite simple but vey effective. It uses two graphic 45 5x5 inch mixed media boxes joined together.
When times Nouveau was released as a collectors edition I was very keen to get to use as I had never owned it before and it was a perfect match for this project.

Tip #3 Little splash of metal on a project creates accent points in your embellishing and works with all graphic 45 collections

Project four : Worlds Fair Envelope Mini
Album Tutorial

The last project of my submission is my tutorial. I have to say the Worlds Fair collection that was used is my favourite release this year. I love the images and the colours and let the images speak for them selves when I embellished the pages of my Mini.
The album was a complete construction project and the you tube tutorial is broken ups into the different parts.
The videos are after the photos of the album. I have designated what each part covers.

Tip #4 : Use Graphic 45 signature series cardstock for your Graphic 45 projects as it matches the colours of the various collections perfectly.

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part One
Construction of the page units

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Two
Page matting and binding

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Three
Making of the covers

 Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Four
Construction of the album

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Five
Embellishment of the cover and page samples

This project concludes my Graphic 45 design team application blog post. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my projects and will come back and visit again. I would like to wish all the applicants the best of luck and look forward to seeing who will make the team and the 
inspiration they will bring in  2016

In the mean time 
Happy paper crafting


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Graphic 45 Worlds Fair Mini Album and Tutorial

This post has been a long time coming. I have been trying to get my tutorials up and running as I have had many requests to make tutorials of some of my projects. I have been wanting to make more youtube videos and have finally had success with quite a few challenges along the way.
Perseverance won out in the end.
My first tutorial is of my

Graphic 45
Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album
Please check the whole post to see the tutorial at the end.
I love this collection by Graphic 45. I think the colours are one of my favourite
combinations that Graphic 45 have used. 
The envelopes used in each page are not to obvious but make the page construction a little less complicated. They also allow for different envelopes to be used with slight adjustments to the measurements but keeping the construction the same. 

This album has a split spine binding that I have designed. I think it gives a unique look 
from a traditional spine. 

The pages were embellished using the collection it self and I maintained a flat style but created a detailed appearance. I made lift out tags and a lot of fussy cutting combining images to create a 
flow throughout the album. 

The tutorial is done in five parts to enable a complete album leaving you to embellish the pages in your own way. This album can be embellished with any Graphic 45 collection, worlds fair is one choice that I opted to use.

 Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part One

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Two

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Three

 Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Four

Worlds Fair Envelope Mini Album Part Five

I hope the tutorial is easy to follow and encourages you to give this album construction go.
I am working another tutorial to try and keep the tutorial flow going and hopefully I have ironed out the technical difficulties. 
Thanks for visiting today and I hope to see your version of this album in 
a gallery some where.

Happy Paper Crafting

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