Sunday, 13 December 2015

Memories with Graphic 45

 All of us have many memories from events that have occurred in our lives.
With the advent of digital photography we can take plenty of photos and 
display them in many different ways.
This project is just one way that I think you can display photos and journal about the time spent 
with family and friends.
I call this my memories box and is filled with memory folders.

I have used, you guessed it Graphic 45 paper for this creation, six different
collections in total.

I used some of the collections on the outside to represent the folders 
that are contained with in. 
 The box itself was was made using chipboard and covered with 
papers from the Times Nouveau collection. Enjoy some close ups of the sides.

The memory folders were made using one single sheet of kraft card stock an covered with 
different Graphic 45 collections.
The collections I used were as follows :

Home Sweet Home
Come Away With Me
Sweet Sentiments
Raining Cats And Dogs

Memory folder covers

Memory folder inside layouts.

There is plenty of space in these folders for photos and journalling and every Graphic 45 collection
 will work when making these, so you can chose your favourites 

I hope you gain some ideas and inspiration from this project and will share your thoughts 
in the comments section.

Happy Paper crafting



  1. What a wonderful idea Andrew, thanks for the inspiration, I will love making something like this for my son and daughter and their families, thanks again for sharing!!

  2. Hi Andrew! You create beautiful works! I watched it on your blog! I am glad that I found the blog of a man who deals with similar hobbies as me. Greetings and welcome to my blog :) Max


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