Thursday, 6 February 2014

Steampunk Grunge with Scrapmatts

I love all things steam punk and grunge. The array of applications this theme
can have when you are creating are endless.

This canvas is an example of my take on this theme that many crafters use.
The chipboard I used was a perfect fit.

The great thing about these chipboard elements is they are so detailed and the 
ability to alter them is unlimited. I have used distress ink, distress crackle paint
and embossing powders ( both standard and distress ).
 Scrapmatts chip board elements take these mediums exceptionally well and you are still able to
see all the great detail.

I used the following scrap matts sets on my canvas.

Australian Federation Interior Arch CB2017
Clocks 01 CB6047
Gears 01 CB1072
Wings 01 CB1120
Floral Design 04 CB1117
Gears 05 CB 1078

Assorted charms #1
Filigree #1

I have repeated the grunge style on a tag and softened the feel by the introduction of some floral embellishments. They coordinate well with the chipboard embellishments
I have chosen to use .

I love the fine detail shown here as many of the chip board elements have.

I used the following Scrapmatts on my tag

Ornate frames 22 CB1220
Key holes 02 CB1083
Leaves 04 CB1152
Grass 02 CB5100

Assorted charms #1

They also give great dimensionality to any craft project, whether you use them individually 
or use multiple types for a layered effect.
A great tip when using scrapmatts chip board is to gently flex them to 
give even  more dimension

So if you have not used scrapmatts chip board elements on you creation visit the 
online store and discover the fabulous range available.


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