Saturday 21 March 2015

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

My year on the Graphic 45 Design Team year has been a fabulous time and I 
have had some awesome experiences. 
The 2015 Design Team Call has been announced and I am thrilled to be able to try out again. 
It will be a great experience for anyone who applies and I would like to encourage all those who are applying.

I am going to share my projects for my round one entry. Please enjoy looking and 
I hope I can inspire your creativity using the wonderful 
products from graphic 45.

I have grouped some by collection and some by project theme.

Collection one : Sweet Sentiments
Jewellery Box

Photo Journal Blocks

Collection Two : Steampunk Spells
Steampunk Hot Air Balloon

Video box mini album

Collection Three : Good Ol Sport
Dominoes set

Altered Cheese Box

Collection Four : Raining Cats and Dogs
Pen / Scissor Holder

Dog Bone Album

Collection five : French Country
Telephone Message Folder

Cookie Box

Collection Six : Precious Memories
Altered box and mini album

Collection Seven : Twelve Days of Christmas
Christmas crackers 

Collection Eight : Botanical Tea
Tea Caddy

Soap Gift Set

Theme One : Clocks
Time To flourish


Theme two : Storage Trunks
botanical tea 
come away with me



Theme Three : Scrap Frames

Thank you for spending the time to view my projects and I hope you have gained inspiration from them.
Good luck to all those who are applying to be 
on this wonderful team

Andrew Roberts


  1. Wow! I love all the projects you have shared! I think I especially love the Steampunk balloon and then the dog bone album....but seriously....they are all lovely! Such wonderful use and imagination in each project! Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you luck! Would love to see more of your designs throughout the year! :)

  2. You are a awesome crafter. Your projects are so beautiful when I see something you have made I know it is yours I don't have to see your name to know you made it. I enjoy all your wonderful creations and hope to see more snap guides from you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such fabulous work!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Your work is awesome Andrew, I know you'll be on the team again!

  5. Such absolutely gorgeous creations! I don't know which ones I love the most. Graphic 45 is so fortunate to have you as a designer.

  6. Looks completely awesome!!! Good Luck!!!

  7. Fabulous work as always, Andrew! G45 was very lucky to have you on the team this past year, you're amazing! Best of luck to you on your 2015 audition. :-) xo Arlene

  8. Love your work. Thank you for giving me so much inspiration! Best of luck :) Kirsten

  9. I see all the work you put into your designs, I love them all! Good luck with these auditions although I know you don't need it! Love you!

  10. these are fabulous, andrew! goodluck to us! :)

  11. I really wish you were giving lottery numbers out instead of projects cuz they'd be the big jackpot winners! Make no mistake you WILL be back for a second year :)

    Gorgeous work, each piece is exquisite,


  12. These are all amazing projects!! I'm so proud of you for making the team last year and just know you'll do great again this year. Best of luck to you, Andrew!!

  13. Good luck Andrew!!!! As always your projects are stunning...

  14. Best of luck to you - amazing projects, as always!!

  15. Beautiful projects. Congratulations!

  16. yey andrew!!! congrats to both of us!!! eeekk!! now off to the second round! woot!

  17. SO many beautiful projects - WOW!! You're very talented. Congrats on making the Top 25 and good luck!

  18. What an array of beautiful projects!

  19. Andrew, your creativity and sense of style is amazing. Congratulations on making the Top 25 and my very best wishes to you!

  20. Hi Andrew, I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into your wonderful projects! I always enjoy and look forward to your posts. You're great!
    Tara Brown

  21. Congrats Andrew! Yor projects are simply amazing!

  22. Congrats Andrew, you're work is such an inspiration and I know you'll make the team again. Best of luck my friend.

  23. Oh my goodness Robert, you are an amazing artist. I love your work and I would love to see videos and/or "how-to" instructions. I will be looking for you to be on the Design Team again as I cannot imagine that you wouldn't be. Thank you so much for sharing.

  24. What fabulous Creations Robert! Such inspiration for us all! Good luck with your selection!
    The Craft Marquee

  25. Robert you art BLOWS ME AWAY! Good luck to you in your endeavors!

  26. Absolutely amaing projects! You are such a fabulous artist and so inspiring! Good luck!

  27. OMG, OMG, OMG look at all of these yummy eyecandy !!! You are such an amazing awesome artist. It looks like I'm gonna be here a while just to check out all your works of art. How on earth could "you" not be on Graphic 45 design team, they along with Graphic 45 fans & followers would be blessed to have you. Of course I could be a little bit biased because I think your work is nothing short of pure genius. I hope they do pick you so Good Luck and Thank you so much for sharing.

    Dianne M.
    San Antonio, TX USA

  28. C'est dommage! G45 said goodbye to you, but not me. Loved seeing your projects. Will follow you to look for more, because your work has been truly inspiring.

  29. I echo what ehbost said. I am a new follower because I will truly miss seeing your work on G45.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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