Monday, 8 February 2016

Graphic 45 fills my Pockets

Pocket scrapbooking is a style that I have tinkered with over the last 12 months. 
I find it is a nice reprieve from other styles of paper craft and it allows me to utilise my favourite 
Graphic 45 papers in a different way.
This post shows four different pocket scrapbooking layouts and demonstrates the versatility
of Graphic 45 collections.

The first layout was made using Couture

The second was with By the Sea 

The following layout I used Gilded Lily

Thanks for stopping by 

Happy Papercrafting


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Diary moments

Keeping a diary is a personal way of remembering significant times across the 
expanse of our lives. They can take many forms and styles but each 
one is unique.

I found these little notebooks that I thought would make great diaries.
How to improve them was on my mind, and of course I thought Graphic 45.
But to go one step further Graphic 45 Collectors editions would be perfect.

The two Collectors editions I used were



Then I thought, I had a third note book and I reached for for one of the collections that 
I love , that being Artisan Style.

The first couple of photos show the three finished diary projects and I  
will go into each one separately with some individual images. 

To begin with I will start with ABC Primer.
This collection is a fabulous collection that I have enjoyed for a while now and the 
collectors edition was a great chance to enjoy it all over again.

The second collectors edition I used was Once upon a spring time, it is a favourite of some crafters out there and I could not pass it by to use it again. I received my first ever pad of this paper from 
a scrap friend and I have loved it ever since.

The final project using Artisan Style has a style of its own and I love the way it turned out.
It demonstrates that all of the graphic 45 collections of paper will work for this project.

Thanks for stopping by. I am currently working on a snap guide for this project 
using a different collection so stay tuned 

Happy paper crafting

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Once Upon a Time .... with Eerie Tale

Once upon a time ...... This is a phrase that many people could apply to their lives if they thought about it. It might relate to a life event from the past or a dream for the future but either way it gives us the opportunity to dream about things that are in our imagination or memory.
Graphic 45 has a collection called Eerie Tale and it has a cohesion between halloween and the world of make believe through fairy tales.
I thought this was a great collection to create this card. A card you could give to someone who may be thinking of embarking on a new adventure or encourage someone to achieve a long 
time goal or dream.

When I make my cards I love to use layering and think this give the card front great depth.
This particular collection of paper has a lot of bold colours so I tried to break them 
up with plain card stock layers but using matching tones.

The embellishments were simple using a few metal items. I wanted the paper to shine so I chose some great images from Eerie Tale and fussy cut them to allow my own combination of layers.
There are a few accent flowers that tie directly to the colours found in the collection.
The close up photo of the embellished section of the card front demonstrates how well the graphic 45 collections are coordinated and you can take any component and it works.

Here is a snap guide if you would like to make this card for your self.

I hope you will give this card a try if you have Eerie Tale in your stash or make some 
modifications and try it with a different paper collection

Happy paper crafting 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Construction with Artisan Style

Creating constructed projects is something I love to do. There are many styles of this type of 
paper craft project I think mine are not as complex as some but I love
making  them just the same.
The inspiration behind this project was my addiction to metal embellishments and the 
Graphic 45 Book box. In my mind theses two add up to my curiosity cabinet.

I call this my artisan style curiosity cabinet.
The artisan style paper collection by Graphic 45 is elegant and as the 
name suggests stylish.

The main part of the cabinet is created using the graphic 45 book box, the remaining sections are constructed using box board or otherwise known as chipboard.
I made a base section to the support the book box.

The roof section is the same width as the base giving the project vertical symmetry.
I left the diagonal section open at the front to give a more open feel.

Of course the entire external surfaces of the box are lined or covered with designer 
papers from the artisan style collection. I chose to use black papers on the top and base to allow 
the coloured papers of the book box section to stand out.
The back is decorated with an ephemera card from the collection. The images on these cards are so elegant and can stand for themselves on any project as can be seen here.

The base is supported by the Graphic 45 claw feet and I used one of the lion head door 
knockers centrally on the front of the book box.
The closure on the side is made from two metal swivel clasps and mini door knobs.
When the closures are unlatched it reveals the inside of the cabinet. The door
has another ephemera card with a fabulous peacock image.

The three shelves hold different embellishments, ranging from wooden through to metal and each shelf has some artisan style flair.
I used little bottles, made small books, assorted metal embellishments and wooden cotton reels.
Artisan style stickers and paper were used to decorate some of the embellishments to keep the flow going into the inside of the project. 

The next couple of photos are some closeups of the embellished shelves. I love  
how the designer paper images and stickers lift each of the shelves 

Well that is my artisan style curiosity cabinet. 
I had a lot of fun making it and hope it has given a little scope into the varied ways that Graphic 45 products can be used in conjunction with one your favourite Graphic 45 paper collections

Happy Paper Crafting


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Precious Memories to Treasure

Children, they are blessing and a great photo opportunity. 
I have taken a truck load of photos of my seven children and will need plenty of projects to display all the memories found in these photos.

Graphic 45 has created wonderful collections to use in your projects that are a tribute to our
children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews the list is endless .
The collection i used to create this project is 

Graphic 45 Precious Memories

I created an altered box that has multiple different detailed embellishments.
It has two sides, the first being a children's book shelf


I took papers from the collection and made mini books used images from the 
collection as mini photos.

The other side was my take on a child's wardrobe. I Fussy cut out the small out fits from the the paper and attached them to small coat hangers.

Inside the box is a mini album made with the Graphic 45 large tag staples.

I joined each tag to the next creating a concertina spine. It gives a great mini album and 
all you use is tags.

The next few photos are the pages from with in the album. I love the colours in this collection.
Click on the shots to see them closer.

Grab some Graphic 45 tags and create your own mini album or alter a box to hold treasured memories from you children.

Happy Paper Crafting


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